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 BEST OF 2016

BEST OF 2016

WeddingWire Cupio Media Reviews, Best Wedding Videographers in Shreveport, Monroe - 2015 Couples' Choice Award Winner


The Schedule: Our shooting schedule, style of working and experience are designed to achieve a product for the Clients, accomplished with good humor and enjoyed by all concerned. Both the Clients and The Cupio team therefore agree that punctuality and cheerful cooperation are essential to producing outstanding results. Hours outside the scope of the contract are billed at $100/hr. In cases where the shoot does not run on time (for example, extreme lateness by one of the Clients arrival) we cannot guarantee that time can be made up, although in such circumstances we will do our absolute best to compensate. In the spirit of cheerful cooperation the Clients agree to give The Cupio team precedence over guests in order to captured the content required for the shoot services described above. We cannot be held liable video if guests or other professionals interrupt The Cupio Team's work. House Rules: Note The Cupio team are sometimes limited by rules imposed by registrars and venue management as to what can and cannot be done. In such circumstances the Clients agree to accept the technical limitations that may be imposed on the equipment used. We advise the Clients to make themselves aware of the rules of the venue concerned and if necessary negotiate with the personnel concerned. Copyright Law: The copyright of content remains with The Cupio Team. The Cupio Team grants the Clients permission to make copies of the content under the following conditions. The content captured by The Cupio Team are for personal use by the Clients and their friends and relatives. Sale, Publication or any Commercial use of the content is not allowed without prior written permission from The Cupio Team. Model Release: The Clients grant The Cupio Team and its legal representatives, heirs and assigns, the irrevocable and unlimited consent to use the content of the Clients for editorial, competition, advertising and any other purpose and in any manner, to alter the content without restriction; and to copyright the content. The Clients hereby release The Cupio Team and its legal representatives, heirs and assigns from all liability and claims in connection with the content. Limit of Liability: If the Cupio Team becomes ill or injured and cannot supply the shoot services specified above The Cupio Team will try to book a replacement If a replacement is unavailable we will reschedule when applicable. If rescheduling is not possible then liability is limited to a refund of any payments received. The Cupio team have working methods in place to prevent loss or damage to your content. However, there is the unlikely possibility that content may be lost, stolen or destroyed for reasons in or beyond our control. In these circumstances liability is limited to the return of fees paid for the service or part thereof according to the percentage of content supplied. As a condition of employment of Cupio Media I hereby waive any right I may have under law against the Company to recover punitive damages, and I also waive any right I may have under law to recover any attorney’s fees from the Company. Proposal Valid for 30 Days. Booking Fee/Deposit: In the event of the Clients canceling the shoot for whatever reason the booking fee is non-refundable. It will be considered as liquidated damages to The Cupio team.We have understood the contents of this contract and agree to theterms therein.